About Me

My School Journey

Member of 1st Kandy Scout Troop
Secretary of Nature Club
President of Archives Club
Junior Prefect
President of Travel and Tourism Club
Treasurer of Buddhist Student Association
Treasurer of English Literary and Drama Association
Chief organizer of Commerce Society
Media Coordinator of Sports Council
Head Prefect of Dharmaraja College

Life As a Sportsman

Member of Swimming Team
Toured To India for Cricket Tournament
Played To Under 13 Cricket B Team
Vice-Captain for Year 2012 – Qualified to Quarter Finals
Played To Under 13 Cricket A Team
Played For Annual Rugby Day
Weight Lifting and Body Building

My Career Journey

Hotel Sandriana Lake View Kandy - Personal Accounts Auditor & Marketing Consultant
Hotel White Villa Tourist Guest - Accounts Assistant Manager and Marketing Consultant
Panangala and Sons Constructions - Accounts Assistant and Project Coordinator

Life @ Pan Asia Bank as a Banker

Junior Executive I
Junior Executive II
Fifteen Times Best Staff Member of The Month
Received Best Staff Member of The Year Award 3 Consecutive Years
Award Winner at Pan Asia Bank

Societies & Social Activities

(2017 Onwards)
Leadership Trainer and Counseling Assistant at Supper Masters Training Academy
(2017 Onwards)
Conducted Over 50 Leadership Training Programs
(2018 Onwards)
Founder / Current President of Young E-Lighters Society (YES)
(2018 Onwards)
Founder / Director of Unique Leadership Academy (U.L.A)
Charter President Of Rotaract Club of Kandy Metropolitan
(2021 Onwards)
Counseling Assistant at Supper Masters Training Academy for business developments

Life As a Author

‘THE PREFECT’ Code of Conduct for All Island Schools’ Prefects
Co – Author of ‘MIND MACHINE’ Magazine

Life As a Event Organizer

Chief Organizer of "HIT WICKET" Show
Chief Organizer of "FREE HIT"
Chief Organizer of "API KAWURUDA " Show
Chief Organizer of "IRAJ SHOW"

My Story

Chandula Nanayakkara’s was born in 1998 in Kandy, Sri Lanka. his life has been a remarkable journey filled with achievements and contributions that have left an indelible mark on various domains. His quest for excellence began in 2003 when he embarked on the exciting path of school life, setting the stage for his future endeavors.

During his formative years, Chandula’s passion for adventure led him to participate in scouting activities from 2004 to 2008, where he honed invaluable skills and cultivated a spirit of exploration. Additionally, he showcased his swimming prowess between 2008 and 2012, leaving a lasting impression with his remarkable abilities in the pool.

As his journey progressed, Chandula’s talent on the cricket field became evident. He toured India in 2010, representing his school in a prestigious cricket tournament, and further distinguished himself by joining the under-13 Cricket B Team in 2011. Stepping up his game, he played for the under-13 Cricket A Team from 2012 to 2013, even serving as Vice-Captain in 2012, displaying exceptional leadership qualities.

But Chandula’s accomplishments extended far beyond sports. He demonstrated his commitment to the environment by assuming the role of Secretary for the Nature Club from 2014 to 2015, actively working towards creating a sustainable future. Moreover, his dedication to personal fitness led him to engage in weightlifting and bodybuilding activities during the same period, exemplifying his drive for self-improvement.

As his school years progressed, Chandula proved his mettle as a leader and organizer. From 2015 to 2016, he served as a Junior Prefect, contributing to the smooth functioning of the school’s administration. Simultaneously, he embraced the role of President of the Archives Club, diligently preserving the rich history of his alma mater.

In 2016, Chandula’s passion for travel and tourism led him to assume the presidency of the Travel and Tourism Club, where he fostered a sense of exploration and cultural appreciation among his peers. Additionally, he shouldered financial responsibilities as the Treasurer of the Buddhist Student Association and the Interact Club, actively contributing to the betterment of his community.

Chandula’s organizational skills came to the fore as the Chief Organizer of the Commerce Society, where he orchestrated successful events and initiatives. Simultaneously, his creativity found an outlet as the Treasurer of the English Literary and Drama Association, where he nurtured talent and brought captivating performances to life.

With a keen eye for media, Chandula assumed the role of Media Coordinator of the Sports Council, effectively highlighting the achievements and spirit of sportsmanship among his fellow students. Furthermore, he left an unforgettable impact by actively participating in the Annual Rugby Day, showcasing his dedication and love for the game.

His exceptional leadership qualities were recognized when Chandula assumed the prestigious position of Head Prefect of Dharmaraja College, Kandy from 2016 to 2017. Guiding and inspiring his peers, he set an example of integrity and excellence, leaving an enduring legacy at his alma mater.

Chandula is a highly accomplished individual with a diverse educational background in the travel industry. Graduating from the International Airline Ticketing Academy (IATA) in 2015, Chandula completed a comprehensive diploma program covering airline ticketing, reservations, tours, marketing, and cargo. Under the guidance of experts at the Airline Academy, they gained invaluable insights into the industry. Additionally, Chandula pursued an Airline Cabin Diploma, mastering customer service and emergency procedures. He also completed Galileo Reservation Training, acquiring skills in reservation systems.

Chandula’s educational journey extended to marketing with a Preliminary Certificate from the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing, enhancing their understanding of marketing principles. Furthermore, their Diploma in Counseling Level II from Super Masters Training Academy equipped them with the ability to provide guidance and support. Chandula’s diverse qualifications and unwavering passion for the travel industry make him an exceptional professional, known for his exceptional customer service and ability to create seamless travel experiences.

Continuing on his path of leadership and service, Chandula embarked on a new chapter in his life. He shared his expertise and provided counseling assistance at Supper Masters Training Academy, conducting over 50 empowering leadership training programs since 2017. In the same vein, he founded and currently leads the Young E-lighters Society (YES), a charitable organization dedicated to making a positive impact in society.

In 2018, Chandula’s vision for transformative leadership led him to establish the Unique Leadership Academy (U.L.A), which continues to shape aspiring leaders and empower them to reach their full potential. As a testament to his dedication, he authored the influential book ‘THE PREFECT,’ a comprehensive code of conduct for all island school prefects, in 2020.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Chandula co-authored the MIND MACHINE Magazine in 2021, where he shared valuable insights on harnessing the mind’s potential. Moreover, he continues to offer counseling assistance at Supper Masters Training Academy, guiding individuals in their pursuit of business development.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Chandula received numerous accolades and honors during his tenure at Pan Asia Bank from 2018 to 2022. His exceptional performance earned him the title of Best Staff Member of the Month and the prestigious distinction of Best Staff Member of the Year for three consecutive years. These accolades are a testament to his unwavering commitment and dedication to excellence.

Today, Chandula Nanayakkara stands as a visionary leader and role model, taking charge as the Managing Director and CEO of All In One Holdings (Pvt) Ltd., where he continues to inspire and drive his team towards unparalleled success. His journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, making him a true trailblazer in his field.

Chandula Nanayakkara’s enthusiasm, exceptional leadership qualities, and abundant innovative ideas make him a truly inspiring young man. His accomplishments in various fields, from sports to community service, reflect his dedication and drive to make a positive impact on the world. He has left an indelible mark on his school, his community, and society as a whole.

My Books




Feedback & Reviews

Discover what others are saying about Chandula’s extraordinary work and leadership through their valuable feedback and reviews

Chandula worked for Pan Asia Bank and was one of the most focused workers continuously bench marking performance standards and driving teams for success. He is a natural leader and commits himself for continuous growth!!

Naleen Edirisinghe

Director/ CEO · Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC.

Chandula Nanayakkara is an individual I have known for approximately five to six years. I recall our first meeting, shortly after he completed his A-Levels, when he visited my office. Even at that time, I recognized his admirable personality and excellent interpersonal skills. Although I offered him a job opportunity in my organization, he expressed his aspiration to establish his own company someday. From the very beginning, he displayed tremendous enthusiasm, and I am delighted with his growth and achievements thus far in his career.

One vivid memory I have is when he revisited my office and shared his idea of writing a book on leadership. We had numerous brainstorming sessions, during which I provided insights, particularly on developing software for screening leaders and identifying leadership qualities through a computer system. To my surprise, he had already developed a similar solution and incorporated my ideas effectively into his book titled “The Perfect Leader.” This book serves as a valuable resource, especially for students aspiring to become leaders in the future.

I extend my heartfelt wishes for Chansula’s continued success in all his future endeavors

Manuja Somarathne

Managing Director-CADD Centre Lanka ( Pvt ) Ltd,  Founder CEO/ MD – CCL Academy,  General Manager EWIS Career Training (Pvt) Ltd.

I met Chandula around 6 to 7 years ago, and we both hail from the same alma mater, Dharmaraja College in Kandy. My memory takes me back to our first encounter at Ranabima Royal College, where an IT seminar organized by ICT and Intel Corporation was taking place. It was there that I witnessed Chandula deliver an exceptional presentation and speech about a given project. His performance left a lasting impression on me, and we gradually started conversing about various school matters.

As time went on, I became aware of Chandula’s remarkable achievement: The Prefect Book Publication. He graciously shared his work with me, seeking further improvements. Chandula’s ambition and target-oriented mindset shine through in his pursuits, complemented by a diverse range of skills and capacities.

In summary, my initial encounter with Chandula showcased his outstanding abilities, and since then, our interactions have only reinforced my admiration for his drive and dedication.

Indika De Zoysa

Strategic Adviser / Vice President – Huawei Technologies Lanka Co.(Pvt)Ltd.
Vice Chairman – ICT skills council of Sri Lanka.
Chairman – FITIS.
Council Member – Computer Society of Sri Lanka

As A Professional Trainer on Motivation and Leadership See Chandula Nanayakkara as An Inspired Motivated Young Leader Who Would Be Great Asset to The Country as He Possesses Exceptional Qualities of a Leader.

I Would Like to Appreciate His Attempt to Share His Experience as The Former Head Prefect of Dharmaraja College Kandy, A Leading Boys School in Sri Lanka. By Publishing This Book. His Experience and Innovative Ideologies Introduce a System for Prefects Which Is Flexible Enough to Adapt to Any School System, As It Includes New Methods and Techniques.

This System Helps the Future Leaders to Assess Their Progress on Whether They Have Fulfilled Their Duties and Responsibilities and Whether They Have Achieve of Their Set Motivation Most Importantly, It Would Become a Proof of Their Competency as A Leader to The World Outside School Premises.

Therefore, I Would Like to Further Define This Book as The Guide to The First Mile Stone for Future Leadership

Samith Benaragama

Motivation Leadership Time Management, Counseling Human Resources Development Speaker Trainer and Consultant

I Met Chandula About 5 Years Ago in Colombo in An Educational Fair, And We Started a Cordial Conversation Since Both of Our Alma Marters – Dharmaraja College, Kandy – Was the Same. And I Thought Would Not Meet Him Again Though We Exchanged Our Telephone Numbers.

Few Years Later, I Got a Call from Him, Refreshing My Memory, And He Told Me His Story as The Head Prefect of Dharmaraja and This Booklet. He Wanted to Get a Forward for It, So I Set Up a Meeting in Hill Country Kandy.

Listening To Him and Looking at His Work Made a Very Positive Impression in Me on Him, And His Leadership. The Draft Version Had Quite A Few Improvements to Be Made, And We Started the Correction Process Via Email for Many Weeks, And Was Even More Impressed by His Passion, Persistence And, Endurance.

The Book Is the Compilation of His Valuable Experience as The Head Prefect. He Outlines How the Head Prefect with His Team Can Transform a School to A Vibrant Place by Being Pro Active, Dynamic and Responsible.

I Am Confident That His Book Will Give Some Light to School Authorities Make the Young Blood Motivated and Responsible While It Will Give Education and Awareness to School Prefects.

I Wish Success for This Young Man and People Who Would Follow His Advice.

Dr. Manjula Sandirigama

Senior Lecturer (University of Peradeniya). Attorney-at-Law (Sri Lanka)

Head Prefect of Dharmaraja College, Kandy Chandula Nanayakkara Is an Honorable and Humane Student, Leader, Who Values Warm Relationship Rather Than Seeking Power. The Perfect Prefect Speaks to Nanayakkara Who Sees His Post as More Of A Gift.

He Has Passion He Has Goal He Has Strong Mind Set So He Become Energized. He Perseverance It Is Naturally Present in Him. It Helps Him to Enjoy the Journey as Much as Reaching the Destination. His Achievement Becomes a Greatest Leader.

There Is a Saying ‘Every Action Has a Reaction’ said All Actions Brought Him to The Highest Position of The School and The Society. How To Be a Leader? How To Be a Perfect Prefect? How To Handle the People? He Gives Answer for All These Questions Throughout This Book. His Golden Saying Will Take You to Position of Perfect Prefect.

Passion Is the Foundation for Excellence, Passion Can Transform Someone from Average to Excellent. The Perfect Prefect Tells That from Experience, Passion Is the First Step of Achievement He Shows It Throughout His Journey.

The Secret of The Willpower Is What Someone Once Called Want Power, Recording to His Journey There Is a Secret, He   Maintains a Close Relationship with The Students.  You Could Call Him a Big Brother They Can Confide in Him and Talk to Him About Any Problem They Have. This Is the Secret of His Leadership He Is a Leader but At the Same Time He Is Friend to All.

Believe In Your Mission Believe Yourself! Believe Determines Expectations! Successful People Believe Themselves Especially When Others Do Not. If You Want to Be a Leader Believe Yourself.

If You Think You Are Beaten, Then You Are.

If You Think You Dare Not, Then You Don’t.

If You Think Your Good Enough, Then You Are.

If You’d Like to Win but Think You Can’t; It Almost Certain Won’t.

Life Battles, Don’t Always Go the Stronger or Faster Man. But Soon as Late the Man Who Wins It, The Man Who Thinks He Can. Only With Believe in Your Self Will You Be Able to Reach Your Potential

Adamsmith Samaranayake

Senior English Lecture.


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